Success is for everyone, but it will never come on a platter of gold. You ‘ve to scheme your way to success. A scheme is a well laid-out plan for actions on your way to the top. There are lot of bumps and potholes on the way; the road that leads to success is never smooth, hence, we need a scheme of action to get there. Those who don’t scheme have no place in the scheme of things.

To succeed in whatever you are doing, you have to develop the good habit of reading. A good reader is a potential good leader. Reading the stories of leaders that are ahead of you in your profession, will deliver their secret of success to you.
The secrets of successful men are in their stories. Read them and discover them for yourself, because every true success has a story behind it. Read more of success and motivation at

Information is the mother of reformation and if you are not informed, you will be deformed. We are in the information age. Seek for vital information as you read success stories of others; find out:
* How the success began?
* What happened?
* What he did?
* When, where and how?
* How the success was preserved and every information that is relevant to you. Read biographies and autobiographies of men and women who did exploits in their careers. To succeed, you have to read, study others and follow their success stories by taking right actions. If you do what they did to succeed, you will also get the same result they got; all things being equal. Remember, every good reader is a potential leader.



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