I am asking this question because I have seen an autocratic leader and a coach as a leader. Where do you stand? I want you to define your leadership role and mode of operation and measure your results. I said before that leadership is not in the title, but in the execution. Again if your leadership style is not by example, it is an autocratic style of leadership.


An autocratic style of leadership is characterized by a leader who is bossy, dominating, high-and-mighty, offensively self-assured: someone given to exercising usually unwarranted power. A leader with autocratic behavior has a way of ordering others around: a rather aggressive and dominating character, he does not  believe in a team work with those under him and he does not understand team spirit.


The coach as a leader is someone who is knowledgeable and he is in charge of training others, teaching and giving instructions. I believe that a good leader should be able to train  others to become leaders of tomorrow; because a leader without a successor or successors is a failure. ” The principle of Education states that when the students or followers fail, the teacher or trainer has equally failed. ”  So the success of your followers is your success. This is why you have to teach those under you or your followers what you know as a coach and not as autocratic leader. As a coach you build a formidable team of leaders of tomorrow by coaching, training, teaching and by instructions.


Any leader who wants to succeed must have a team spirit.  We need a teamwork, team up, team-mate, a team or group working together to meet  the same goal. It is about a co- operative ; a unit teamed up for a specific project.

It is the team spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed. It is  a disposition that is built into them by the leader to boost the morale of the members; this is what I call ‘motivation’. MOTIVATION

Motivation is a key factor in every team work and it is also the driving force that make people  succeed as group and as an  individual as well. You know when the group fails, you as an individual has failed and when the group succeeds then you are a success. Example of a group or team spirit at work is the world cup football match: this is where they understand that achieving the winning goal as a team is easier as one man can not play the match alone and the benefit of winning as a team is great and the glory of winning goes to all, no one is a loser in a winning team.

Most organizations are failing not because of lack of money and good planning but lack of teamwork. I say here that huge money and good planning will never substitute team work and team spirit. It is true that a house divided against itself can not stand but will surely fall.  Cooperation is another way of spelling teamwork  and if you think that your organization does not need coöperation among the staff, you can try contention and rivalry.


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