No change will ever come, except we are willing to change our mindset. Your willingness to change now can change your life for ever, and willingness is of the mind. Success and failure are words that are opposite by nature; but they have their root from the same source- the mind. In the business and creative world, we know that good thinking will always produce good product, but what about bad thinking?

Mental failure is a product of bad thinking and wrong application. Your thinking will influence your speaking, and what you speak will always reflect in your actions; and your actions will mold your character, and your character defines your destination or destiny. Show me a man who does not think right, and l will show you a failure in the making; because the Bible is absolutely right that “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. ” so you are what you think. If you are thinking of doing the same thing that you have been doing over the years without good results: you are definitely going to get the same result. You want positive changes in your life? then, change your thinking pattern. Negative thinking is a clear subscription to failure and failure begins with wrong evaluation of the situation.

As champions,we must lean to change ourselves from the inside out before we can change our environment. We need a winning mentality to move forward and make a lasting change. I tell you the truth, you can’t go into the world to change others when you are not changed: only a changed man or woman can change his environment; because you can’t give what you don’t have.

A man with a right mental attitude knows that positive change and good success have a price to pay and there is no success without sacrifice, however, failures, think otherwise and they are not willing to pay the price for a permanent change. The man who discovered the polio vaccine worked for six years before he got the result; this is good thinking back up with action. Read more leadership and motivational articles at My friends change begins in the mind, and retraining the mind with the truth is the foundation for transformation. So take responsibility for your mental revolution. See you on top, you are a champion!