Preparation is the act or process of getting ready for something in the future. Good preparation is a positive attitude that will always determine the level of our success in life. When you prepare well and on time, opportunities will present themselves. A good preparation is like a trap, that is set in place, and somehow a prey walks into it by itself. So, we must lean how to set our traps for opportunities by preparations. Genuine preparation is what determines our degree of expectations. What do you expect from a boxing match between an unprepared man and the world heavy weight champion who is well prepared? Again good preparation determines our level of expectations. Opportunities will only lands on your table only when your table is positioned properly through good preparation. Do you go to the olympic games to win gold mendals without preparations? If you think otherwise, go there and you will meet those who have prepared one hundred times over waiting for you. Until you are prepared, you are not yet ready!