Planning is very vital for the success of any vision. Planning is puting into writing or design the clear picture of the vision from the first step to the last stage of the vision, project or concept you are working on. Planning becomes neccessary, so that the different stages of the vision or project can be achieved at a point in time from one level to another. Planning is about the blue-print, model, course of actions,procedures, strategies, steps and measures to take at every stage of the vision or project. Nobody builds a ship without a plan. A leader without a plan of how to achieve his vision has planned to fail. Every great vision, dream or concept must begin from a point and it will need to go through different steps to get to the end which is the goal. A journey of thousand steps must begin with a step and more steps to the end, this is the place of planning. In planning a leader should be able to define: WHAT? HOW? WHEN? WHERE? These and many more questions that relates to the success of the vision.